Sunday, August 08, 2010

Words On: New Horizon

First of all I gotta big up Lübeck's Outrider Crew for setting up last nites show - great fun indeed. With Strandsalon they picked a super nice beach club location in their hometown Lübeck which is near to perfect for a fest starting open air in the afternoon and being proceeded at night indoor for reasons of avoiding noise pollution and disturbing neighbours. Although we - which means myself, baze.djunkiii, and my beloved girlfriend which joined me on that short trip - arrived a bit late for my afternoon set scheduled at 5 P.M. I managed to play a nice selection of (Neo)Disco / Disco Edits and related stuff to a small crowd hanging out including some families and their kids even which really enjoyed playing in the small pool set up quite next to the DJ booth. More people arrived later and after the sun had gone down the booth was transferred to a kind of gazebo with a real dancefloor that was well crowded soon while the members of the Outrider Crew played out their Drum'n'Bass-sets. Especially Smecker stood out as her selection was quite leftfield and featured various DarkJungle- and experimental Drum'n'Bass-tunes plus - surprise - Jens K.'s remix of Mr. Oizo's "Flat Beat" that was released on my own Intrauterin Recordings imprint some years ago. Seeing ppl partying on a Drum'n'Bass vibe I was a bit skeptical if my choice to hammer a selection of NuSkoolBreaks and some UK Hardcore would work out right, but after opening my set with the Cut'n'Run bootleg of La Roux's "In For The Kill" everything turned out as planned and the crowd started brocking out even harder, well appreciating every new tune, loads of Bootlegs and stuff I'm sure they hadn't ever heard before. Some of them even weren't sure what kind of music they were dancing to. Defo an ultra nice one and I'm sure I played more than the 60 minutes that were scheduled for my set although the timetable was quite tight. Another suprise - I met my old mate Krähe that night which I hadn't seen since 1995 or 1996 and was quite astounded that he's still alive and doing right. How'd they say in "1984"? Double plus good.


Blogger insites said...

Nice night indeed, and I was happy to see you spin so much good stuff, including quite a bunch of really nice plates I didn't know.

(Actually no wonder, as I'm quite out of the 'scene' and still lovin' breakbeat hardcore the most.)

Well, the highlight was meeting Baze.djunkiii again after all these years, (Definitely 15, BTW... 1996 had me rotate through bad clubs and parties in my area until I decided to not go out for a while)
Krähe (hopefully trying to get in further contact later this day)

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