Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Alex Flatner & Lopazz - Dinosaurs [Poker Flat Recordings 114 Promo]

Upcoming via Poker Flat Recordings is the tune "Dinosaurs" by Alex Flatner & Lopazz, remixed by Paul Woolford on the flip. Whilst the original version comes up as thrilling uptempo TechHouse-tune, driven by forcing hi-hat figures, some weird vocals snippets, endless climaxing and a small melody that is hidden in the very background of the mix, nearly inaudible but still there like some kind of ghost sound. Mr. Woolford's "Mannheim Beatdown Remix" does not refer to the slow, original Beatdown sound of motor city but focuses on a more percussive variation of the original, mixing up a kind of jazzy drum abuse with typical MinimalTechno effects, creating tension but not giving release up to its very end. That job has to be done by the next record played out.


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