Monday, September 13, 2010

Informer - Black Propaganda [Pale Music Int. 041 Promo]

Formed in the Los Angeles of 2007 the trio of Johanna Sadonis, Rayshele Teige and Ashburn Miller, known under their band moniker Informer, are about to come up with their first album in 2010. Entitled "Black Propaganda" this ten track piece is about to gain attention from both the Indie-scene and the so-called ElectroClash-followers alike as well as from fans of more widely recognized projects like Client - obviously! - or Chicks On Speed. But although their mixture of electronic influences, guitars and very special use of vocals is not exactly fitting into your everyday Pop drawer to me it sounds a bit too harmless, partly cute even, and, due to this, is not about to stay or being remembered for a longer period of time.


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