Monday, September 06, 2010

Van Raveschot - Eden East [Pale Music Int. 044 Promo]

"Style: Cold Wave Punk Rock" - this is what the info sheet says about Van Raveschot and reading this caused a bit of scepticism as the clean, nearly sterile aspects of Cold Wave are quite different from the raw, uncut energy defining PunkRock in its origins and combining these is close to impossible. But somehow Van Raveschot, the four piece band gathering around french singer Amelie, manage to fuse them perfectly on their recent album "Eden East" which is released via Pale Music Int. and well likely to be appreciated by a wide audience as it appeals to those being around the (Cold) / (No) Wave-scene from day one as well as to todays Indie youth discovering the magic of those days or even following the return of a PostPunk'ish attitude introduced to them by bands like The Gossip and others. So what's to expect musically? Dark'ish female vox, spaced out guitar works and melodies plus a straight, dancefloor-focused percussion set that is about to work them club people right. Recommended.


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