Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Detroit Grand Pubahs - Madd Circus [Detelefunk Promo]

The Detroit Grand Pubahs are back with a new album, their fourth studio long play format since 1998, and it seems to be their most diverse work  so far, leaving purist Techno behind and focussing on a fusion of Ghetto-/BootyBass, Pop-related sounds and freaky, electronic Funk  with a club-orientated twist. But there's more to this - tracks like "Mysterious Sights" prove that the Detroit Grand Pubahs are not stuck in their own musical universe but well aware of todays developments and trends and able to easily embrace styles like Dubstep in their productions whilst "Breakfast In Bed" brings out the crooning qualities of Paris The Black Fu and his partner in crime Mr. O . Overall a good album for those not being bond to one specific style of electronic dance music but willing to explore a more leftfield terrain and to look beyond their own noses.


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