Monday, November 01, 2010

Saalschutz - Entweder Saalschutz [Audiolith Promo]

It's been four long years since the Switzerland-based band Saalschutz released their first ever longplayer via Audiolith Records followed up by a period of musical silence and only very few concerts here and there. But now they're back, more Punk-flavored than ever, ready to devastate dancefloors, destroy venues and break some necks of headbanging punters. Somehow this bunch of rave punks does exactly know how to combine their Punk-influences with epic, partly kitsch-induced electronic music resulting in a high voltage fusion contrasting their special vocalist style which is a combination of singing, shouting and spoken word / raps - all in german with a bit of swiss accent. As their fans have been waiting for that long this piece is about to fly off the stores shelves quite quickly - grab one now as this might be gone quickly. Need one track to check out? "Ein Mensch Brennt" is my personal favorite tune on this 36+ a bit minute album.



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