Monday, January 17, 2011

[Echo:Mirage] - Sex With Aliens EP [Super 6 Records 059.5]

More news on Super 6 Records are coming from [Echo:Mirage] who are serving their tune "Sex With Aliens" fresh for 2011 - a dark'ish, futuristic piece of classic Electro that will be enjoyed by those following acts like Dynamix II or the raw Electro sound of Motor City Detroit. On remix duties are Alfonso Padilla who's coming up with a 'troity Techno rework that includes some really nerve-racking siren sounds, JGarrett who's interpretation sounds like there's an alien swamp thing making weird noises on top of some 4/4 beats and finally Sascha Müller serving his "Abnorme Sexpraktiken Remix", a cold, percussive and slightly Industrial-influenced rework for dark basements with fog machines and strobe lights - pure Techno.


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