Thursday, March 03, 2011

baze.djunkiii Charts 03/2011

01. Jack Is Back [Poker Flat Recordings 117 Promo]
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02. Piet Van Dongen - Vulcanic Ass [Audiomatique Recordings 043 Promo]
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03. [Millions Of Moments 012]
Amongst the mass amounts of DubTechno-related releases that hit the record store shelves these days there are not many to be called essential as a big lot of these just copy & paste the past without adding a new variation or idea to the genre. This four track EP pf unknown origin but released via the Millions Of Moments-camp makes a big difference as its super warm basslines refer to classical Dub rather than to a technoid background, building a nice embracing sonic environment that one'd love to experience on a proper club P.A. for now and ever. There's a need for music like this and even more for parties that focus on pure DubTechno. Good for home listening pleasure as well and soon to become a sought after item.

04. The 24Seven feat. Violetta Parisini - Stand Still *Remixes [The 24Seven Records]
Interesting 12" featuring a GD Luxxe remix of "Stand Still" plus three other reworks that add brand new flavors to Violetta Parisini's ethereal voice. No matter if you're into Future Garage, bassheavy Dubstep or thrilling Detroit Techno - this one is about to please you for sure. Also recommended to followers of James Blake or Various Productions.

05. I'm Not A Band - Electrolin [ADP Records Promo]
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06. 206 - Republik Der Heiserkeit [ZickZack / What's So Funny About]
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07. Wolfgang Voigt - Du Musst Nichts Sagen [Profan 034]
Two tracks by Colognes master of Techno Classical abstraction. "Rückverzauberung 2" on the A-side can be filed under the flag of Ambient / NeoClassical creating a dense romantic atmosphere by the use of reprocessed string instruments and other things we all know from his most world famous Gas-moniker whilst the title track "Du Musst Nichts Sagen" on the flip is a repetitive, abstract and conceptual piece of Slow Motion Techno playing around with monotonous multiple-time patterns and NeoClassical drones. Music for the headstrong. Or for inhabitants of a neuropathic hospital.

08. Jamie Anderson & Owain K - Without Sound [Dessous Recordings 101]
I really don't why I missed on this Dessous Recordings-release when it was flaoting around on the promo circuit, but with quality tracks like these it was an easy decision to grab a full release from the record store shelves. Jamie Anders & Owain K serve three excellent variations of House / DeepHouse, sometimes slightly dubby, sometimes quite positive and uplifting. Timeless and to be stuck in the box for quite a while.

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