Friday, March 11, 2011

Kaval - Sky Of Mirrors [Das Drehmoment 014 Promo]

It's been nearly three years now since our favorite Berlin-based label Das Drehmoment released their last piece of vinyl followed by a long period of silence. But now they're back for 2011 with Kaval's "Sky Of Mirrors", a surprising move for the label as the production duo of Roberto Auser and Ian Martin provides ten tracks of fine scenic Ritual- / Death Ambient on their longplayer that is only slightly influenced by the Cosmic-/ ItaloDisco-/ SynthWave-sounds Das Drehmoment is known and loved for by its followers but aims towards an audience familiar with Experimental Electronics, Deep Listening Music, Drones and - an association that easily comes to mind - soundtracks / scores for John Carpenter films or Ivor Slaney's work for movies like "Terror" or "Prey". If names and genres like these well fit in your musical taste you should not miss this album for any reason. Recommended.


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