Monday, June 20, 2011

Steinkind - Etappe 011 [fubAk Entertainment Promo]

June 10th saw the release of the new Steinkind-album named "Etappe 011", put on the circuit via their very own imprint fubAk Entertainment. Starting off with the unconventional and quite experimental "Antipop" which can be seen as a study of what its title suggests the listener is about to experience a twelve track journey between EBM and Future Pop, haunted and out of breath-sounding German lyrics, electric guitars, Rave- and Rock-influences, all fused and melted together flawlessly - Steinkind-style, unique and well recognizable, not necessarily music for the masses and defo not everyones kind but surely remarkable and about to succeed on festival stages in the future, especially with their anthemic "Hallo Und Schönen Tag" and the DAF-like "Weil Wir Fressen".


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