Monday, June 06, 2011

Captain Capa - Saved My Life [Audolith Records 104 Promo]

The Bad Frankenhausen-boys named Captain Capa recently unleashed their new album via Audiolith Records, being the first band on the well-established label that serves an album more related to pathetic Indie structures than to what's called ElectroPunk these days. Classic song structures, epic hooklines and massive build-ups, english lyrics and a bit of SynthPop and GlamWave, productionwise polished by Norman Kolodziej better known as Der Tante Renate and recorded and put together with a little help of people like Torsun of Egotronic-fame, Hendrik Menzl of Supershirt, Leontine Jenner and a few more fellow musicians and vocal talents - this is what is to be found here, a little different from what usually happens in the Audiolith universe sonically but still very well fitting and, not only due to the use of english language, defo able to catch some international attention as these tracks are about to rock dancefloors worldwide. File under: Stadium Pop.


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