Tuesday, July 05, 2011

baze.djunkiii Charts 07/2011

01. Darkhouse Family - Stabwound / CRST - Redeye [Catapult 001]
A new label and it's starting with a little musical bomb. Darkhouse Family is celebrating the relatively new style named Future Garage, fusing halftime beats with a classical UK Garage-feel, whilst CRST, well known for his anthemic tunes released via Ten Thousand Yen, comes up with another classy banger, somewhat in between Future- and bass heavy SpeedGarage. Get it.

02. Patrick Chardronnet - Pleasant Day [Audiomatique Recordings 045 Promo]
See review for details...

03. The Age Of Love *Dubstep Mixes [BOOTLEG]
Usually I'm not the biggest fan of testosterone-driven sawtooth basslines in Dubstep but these - obviously un-official - reworks by Subscape, Syndaesia and Ed Solo taking care of the Techno/Trance evergreen "Age Of Love" are defo a huge exception from the norm as they pay loads of respect to the original vibe whilst tearing the dancefloor crowd apart. Huge tunes for special prime time moments.

04. Tevo Howards - Beautiful Granville Days Vol.1 [Tevo Howard Recordings]
What a beautiful title for this beautiful little blue see-through 7" record featuring one track - the same one on each side of the record - by Mr. Tevo Howard on his very own label. But instead of pleasing his DeepHouse-loving fellowship this one is different, serving a warm and embracing piece best described as Ambient Electro for those who know. Deep, calm and perfect for homelistening sessions.

05. Niteffect [ Kreislauf 100 Promo]
See review for details...

06. Captain Capa - Saved My Life [Audiolith Promo]
See review for details...

07. Champion - Motherboard EP [Hardrive Records 004]
This one is quite astounding. Whilst the title track is pleasing all those longing for a tool'ish piece of UK Funky with a typically bitcrushed main theme both "Lose Control" and "Tribal Affair VIP" celebrate the return of Sublow, serving a sound not too far away from tunes like DMZ's "Mawo Dub" and other releases on the legendary Big Apple Music-imprint. Is it time for a Sublow revival yet?

08. Rrose - Primary Evidence [Sandwell District 016]
The Sandwell District-imprint is loved by many for its clear and uncompromising vision of what can be called the new or next wave of Techno purism becoming bigger and bigger these days like a force breaking free from the Minimalism and TechHouse of the last decade. The A-side track "Secretion" is such a purist piece, slightly influenced by DubTechno but more thrilling and opening dirty noise and feedback gates, unvealing a dark, hypnotic spiral of mind tripping experience for those who know. "Bare Hand" on the flip can be filed under the flag of acidic, ever evolving ClubTechno, modulating from here to nowhere and back, never reaching its final destination but taking punters a step forward in their journey through the night.

09. Vincenzo & Talking Props - Seduction [Dessous Recordings 104]
Taken from Vincenzo's recent album "Seduction" is a sweet piece of DeepHouse music, nice but not very spectacular or astounding, partly tool'ish but warm, timeless and uplifting, perfectly crafted and well fitting for terraces or tiny little clubs with an experienced audience. And so are the remixes by Jimpster who's serving a more prime-time'ish refix, speeding up the whole thing and adding a lively frolicking bassline whilst the Tuff City Kids act more playful, 'troity and with a driving discoid snare and some more cowbell, clap and effect wizzardry reminiscing old Chicago days.

10. P Money & Blacks feat. Slickman - Boo You / TRC - Oo Aa Ee [Butterz 007]
Butterz is bringing back UK Garage. Classic beats and vibes, new tunes though. A revival move that has been overdue for years and a 12" that will be loved not only by those who've been promoting and spinning UK Garage from day dot.


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