Thursday, July 07, 2011

DJ Nightnoise - Other Side EP [Super 6 Records 066]

Another fresh piece released via Super 6 Records is DJ Nightnoise's tune "Other Side" which is a deep, spooky monster of a Techno tune about to please all those following the new wave of Techno led by artists like Adam X a.k.a. Traversable Wormhole, Sandwell District and the likes of just to drop a few names. This one could run forever without getting boring although the elements are only a few - haven't heard an atmosphere tense like this in quite a while. Remixes are provided by Michale Schwarz which goes even deeper and serves a relick that could even be described as solemn and gravious whilst DJ Pablishhh! works on a quite driving but still atmospheric level with distorted bassdrums and sharp, slightly shuffled hi-hats very able to keep the crowd moving on a constant level. The final rework is provided by label owner Sascha Müller who adds some tender background claps, jazzy offbeat hi-hats and some tripped out sci-fi sounds, trying to keep on running on the same vibe but still making some effective changes in the overall feel of the "Other Side". Highly recommended.


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