Tuesday, August 09, 2011

eVADE - The B-Rave Theme EP [Super 6 Records 067]

It's not a secret no more that Sascha Müller is about to set up a small rave on august 25th to celebrate his birthday and now one of his artists comes up with an anthem for that which is defo a nice birthday present for sure. Released on Super 6 Records these days eVADE's "The B-Day Rave Theme" in its original version is - in a tradition of all so-called rave anthems in the past - melodic, simple structured and a bit cheesy, slightly trancey and featuring a playful acidic line spreading nothing but happiness. A menu of further remixes is served by Sascha Müller who's coming up with a spaced out piece of Breakbeat Ambient including classic Rave stabs and uplifting vibes, Teshaz creating a pathetic, melody loaden fusion of TechHouse and NeoTrance for the daytime dancing crew and names it "Sunny Day Remix" whilst DJ Nightnoise's rework is - surprisingly - stripped down and not that hammering as one might have expected with a massive contrast of reduced beat parts and the full-on hookline. Plus: his remix features some raw 'troity synth lines floating around freely. The final chapter of this piece is brought to you by an artist named Acidfloor who clearly is tripping parallel on acid and speed creating a quite de-structured uptempo version for all the lost minds out there - this one will work best at some illegal teknival taking place next to industrial ruins in the middle of some atomic wasteland.


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