Thursday, November 24, 2011

Echonomist feat. Mz Sunday Luv - Real Love [Dessous Recordings 106 Promo]

Whilst the greek economy is deep in debt the greek Echonomist is doing exports, music exports to be more exact and what comes out of this is good. Featuring the vocal talents of Berlins Mz Sunday Luv he serves two different versions of his tune "Real Love" here, both to be released via Steve Bugs Dessous Recordings in the near future and both made to please those who love seeing DeepHouse and Disco crossover on top of a sexy BrokenHouse skeleton with heavy claps and a seductive funky-ass bassline - a hyper-sexed fusion for intimate venues, hidden deep in the worlds red light districts and a weapon for those very special late night moments that experienced DJs love to death when everyone's grooving and no-ones asking for names no more. That's for the so-called "Revisited" version whilst the original is not that broken but still sexy as fuck. Plus: there's an additional remix crafted by Mr. San Soda to be found which is speeding things up, adds a sweet little synth-hook that's simple but quite uplifting, introducing sweat, sex and ecstacy to the floors of today like the real HUGE House music anthems did in the mid 90s. Nice.


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