Sunday, November 20, 2011

Birdy Nam Nam - Defiant Order [Savoir Faire / Sony France Promo]

What kind of an evolution - Birdy Nam Nam have started out coming from a HipHop- / Scratch- / DJ- / Turntableism-background , even won the DMC World DJ Team Championship with their crew Scratch Action Hero in 2000 and now, eleven years later they come up with an album totally electronic, influenced by Fidget, Dubstep, ElectroHouse and the french thing that was recognized as NuRave some years ago. Within all that dancefloor focus there's still room for eclecticism and, if one listens closely, influences from their turntable-based history can still be found, short cuts and parts that sound like re-processed scratches but to pick and analyse these should be left to trainspotters and production enthusiasts. Talking production - one man joined the pack of four at the studio without whom "Defiant Order" wouldn't have sounded the way it does now: Para One, french producer known amongst the electronic scene for his diverse works on Institubes and recognized by a wider audience for the soundtrack of "Naissance Des Pieuvres" / "Water Lilies" on the same label. What's very clear after listening to "Defiant Order" a few times is the fact that it takes time to fully explore and discover the different levels and the un-obvious deepness this album has to offer. That's why it has to be called a grower and can't properly be judged in a review only a few days after its release. Give it a try and if you don't like it at first try again in a week or two, you might be surprised how things have changed then.


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