Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Simon Garcia - Cavern EP [Poker Flat Recordings 126 Promo]

Upcoming via Poker Flat Recordings in February is Simon Garcia's "Cavern EP", a three track label debut that sets things straight for a bright future, a future that lies within the realms of deepest ClubTechno with a touch of House music driven by dark, ever pumping bassdrums and filtered stabs, a long route to go down and essential knowledge about what labels like Radikal Fear were about in the mid-1990's with their tool'ish, wild pitch friendly releases. All three tunes on this 12" seem to be a contemporary update of this attitude, they just keep rolling and rolling and rolling until the next track shows up in the mix, waiting for that one more element to drive the dancefloor crowd nuts. Essential tools for all the real DJs out there.


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