Sunday, January 22, 2012

No More - Sisyphus [Rent A Dog Promo]

Scheduled for march 2012 is "Sisyphus", the fourth official full-length studio album of the legendary No More which are about to please old and new fans with a broad variety of sounds starting from the DarkWave- / Goth-driven "All Is Well" progressing to the deep, hypnotic title song "Sisyphus", the KrautWave-flavored "Leaving Berlin", the instrumental excursion "Gritty Existence" and beyond. Influences of dark TripHop can be found here, as well as pieces of PostPunk, machine sounds, intimate moments and - surprise! - lonesome Theremin-flavored Country as provided in "The Grey". These seem to be a whole lot of styles indeed to be squeezed on one album within 13 tracks but No More happen to succeed where other less experienced bands might have failed - "Sisyphus" is an album that really makes sense from the first to the last tone, representing the musical abilities of No More to the fullest without being afraid of taking a risk, an album that's way more than a collection of songs and defo one that's able to grow. Nice!


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