Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ludwig Leichhardt: Wanderer Zwischen Den Welten [Major Label Promo]

How to review an audio drama / audio book on a music related website? That question recently came up when the newest Major Label release named "Ludwig Leichhardt - Wanderer Zwischen Den Welten" arrived in my post box, arranged and composed by Kai-Uwe Kohlschmidt which is exactly this, an audio play dealing with the story of the man named LL who left his hometown in 1848 to explore the - back then - terra incognita australis, the unknown parts of Australia, trying to cross the Simpson desert and got lost... god knows where. 160 years later three artists went off, looking for traces of this lost expedition and this is what this piece is all about, partly documentary, partly a made up story and partly dealing with what could've happened as there still are rumours about at least one white guy that has lived alongside aboriginal tribes for thirty years in the late 1800s. A fascinating story so far and even more fascinating is the arrangement of this play which switches from 100% field recordings and real life interviews to imagination within seconds sometimes, a well thought of cut-and-paste work that does not answer questions, does not even try to but manages to suck the listener in to a feverish, partly psychedelic, trippy and foggy dream world for for about an hours time. Good not only for audio book fans but also for some advanced Ambient / ChillOut floors where people like to drift of into the next dimension.


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