Friday, March 09, 2012

Sascha Müller - Tempelrotation EP [Super 6 Records 074.5]

The next one to come via Super 6 Records is Sascha Müllers "Tempelrotation EP" and once again he caters all lovers of raw and heavy Acid with a menu of three tracks, quirky, monotonous and of an analogue functionality working best in the darkest bunkers of The Hague where a bunch of unnamed and anonymously tripnotized headz keeps the true spirit alive. This is Acid as you might know from long gone but still legendary clubs like Berlins 90s Suicide or Hamburgs Brainstorm, from labels like DJungle Fever or 100% Acidiferous or productions from the studios of Woody McBride and Roland Kasper. Name dropping galore - if you know them, you know why to get these tracks.


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