Monday, March 05, 2012

Reptile Youth - Speeddance [HFN Music 013 Promo]

Forthcoming via HFN Music is "Speeddance", the first ever release by Reptile Youth - a band that has caused mayhem and havoc while touring the world twice without ever thinking about releasing their music. The energy and craze they're able to unleash has been unvealed on these pages only a few days ago and now it's the time for "Speeddance" to hit the stores shelves as 7" vinyl before flying off the mentioned within shortest of time. The original version is stuck in our ears for days now and it's the flipside version which is a noisy, disturbing and yet unheard remake by Deathcrush to set things straight again. Deathcrush's delivery is nerve wrecking and shocking, like the Oval'esque technique of using skipping CD's as source material but transferred to a whole song. Especially the end part of their remake sounds like someone very, very angry kicked the cutting desk throughout the lacquer cutting process. Original Version - HIT, Deathcrush Version - for the headstrong. Allover - recommended!


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