Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bisk - Memorabilia [Shhhh Records Promo]

Forthcoming via Mettmann's finest Shhhh Records is - surprise! - the first full-length album work of Naohiro Fujikawa a.k.a. Bisk after a twelve years break that took many by surprise after three well-anticipated contributions to the Sub Rosa / Quartermass catalogue. And still, after all these years of silence, Bisk knows how to trigger mind and dancefloor, serving a musical plot reaching from FutureGarage - "Etymology" - to Electronica-driven Future R'n'B / Urban - "Distortion Field" / "Persephone" - and including 'nuff CutUp-Electronics as well as variations on Downtempo / TripHop with a special, often quite funny and humorous twist that will be recognized by those who've been appreciating his musical works in the nineties as this album could've been produced in that era as well. And although it does not sound dated at all it seems to be taken out of its original context as there is not much music released these days that is on a similar or even related tip. Plus: being the first non 4/4-bassdrum focused album on Shhhh Records it might be sounding slightly irritating to the imprints fans and followers which hopefully are going to appreciate not only the music but also the massive inlay proving that there's still people out there that do care about special artworks and gimmicks in these days where everyone is buzzing about going digital or serving stamped white labels only. This one sticks out.


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