Sunday, June 17, 2012

Toph Subderground, Mark Rey & Sergio Pardo - Vice Versa EP [Super 6 Records 077.5]

New stuff to come via Super 6 Records is the above named four track piece coming up with a remix swapping concept. First is Toph Subderground's "Take Off" - a bangin', quite uncompromising tool Techno affair with a siren'esque bassline take off in its original form which is reworked by Mark Rey & Sergio Pardo, putting up speed levels and adding a ravey, hyperactive feel to the tune like one listens to 1994 House records on a pitch level adjusted to +14 %. Hectic as fuck but thrilling and hype. Great remix. Their tune "Scarface" is on a similar tip speedwise, but with drums marching like a machine and a massive breakdown pleasing all Trance addicts out there - if there's a proper crossbreed between HardTechno and Trance this tune is the one to be mentioned. Talking the final cut on this EP Toph Subdergrounds remix of "Scarface" adds a bit of Eurodance flavor vocal- / samplewise but is keeping things on a Techno tip as well, serving - like all tunes do - the tool loving DJs and their fellowship more than the homelisteners out there.


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