Sunday, June 10, 2012

Spherical - Diggin' Deeper [California Sunset Records Promo]

It's been somewhen in the late 90's when I released the vinyl debut of the Hamburg-based band outfit Spherical on my very own Intrauterin Recordings, a limited to 348 copies white label pressing containing 6 of the finest Vocal TripHop tunes ever heard. Much time has passed, somehow we've lost touch, the band line-up changed massively - the only familiar name to me amongst the core lineup of five is Oliver Fischer, the maximum live line up can be a sixteen piece been band crowding the stage - and so did the music. Instead of TripHop it's organic, loungy Jazz and (Neo)Soul now, focusing on warm live aspects, a light vintage feel that brings thoughts of high class cocktails and amounts of money spent on these drinks to mind, epic horn sections are to be found as well plus an all over attitude that will be appreciated by real music afficionados able to recognize the piles of time and work that must have been spent to make these complex arrangements work out right. But these are a rare species to be found these days and all others might rate "Diggin' Deep" as an album that, somehow, seems to be fallen out of time, slipped in 2012 from a long gone era, standing here but missing some kind of well-fitting context to exist in, maybe even a scene that can relate to their music properly. Plus: the album artwork is kinda dark'ish with a dingy colour range, slightly irritating and chaotic like old Monty Python stills and not really complementing the bands musical approach which is a tricky thing when it comes to gaining the attention of potential buyers. I'm puzzled.   


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