Wednesday, July 11, 2012

H.O.S.H. - Ego EP [Poker Flat Recordings 131 Promo]

Actually it's quite a surprise to find Hamburgs H.O.S.H. releasing a full E.P. via Poker Flat Recordings in the near future, this came quite unexpected and reading the additional info sheet unveals a bit of exaggeration as well coze the term legend does not fit in here although H.O.S.H. has been undoubtedly active for about a decade now and made more than one big crowd move for sure. Apart from that kind of overstatement one might me in doubt what kind of connection can be seen musically between the recent Poker Flat Recordings-catalogue if any as this one sticks way out with its quite stripped-down but still recognizable ElectroHouse-y influences and the use of kinda unprocessed vocals bits that seem to be taken from the HipHouse-/ ItaloHouse-era. Played to a crowd hot and heaving this one will do its duties as there's a raw funkiness lying within that no-one is about to deny but one might still ask - why on this label? There's absolutely no reasonable answer at hand and I still think that a release via DJ Hell's own International Gigolo Records or the - gone ? - Dirt Crew-imprint would've been more fitting for several reasons. Not bad though if you love a bit of oldskool'ish approach here and there but still puzzling.


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