Thursday, June 28, 2012

Somebhajans - Mera Jivan Tere Hawale Prabhu

As this place is a place that is mainly about discussing music and musical findings this CD album has to be mentioned here for more than only one reason as it is the most obscure thing I've seen in a while. Hanging out at Hamburgs Meine Kleinraumdisko last night drinking this one immediately caught my attention while going through a pile of their CDs with the bartender thinking of what to listen to next as the albums design and it being seemingly Indian music totally stuck out of all the cool Indie & related stuff that they usually do have there and as I'm a curious cat I immediately asked to borrow it for a while expecting sth. weird or at least funny. Plus: no-one seemed to know a thing about it as the album - as far as the story was told - was sitting in their postbox one day but wasn't even considered to be checked out... for obvious reasons.

Now it's stuck in my CD deck, being recognized as mixture of obviously religious Indian lyrics and what the producers think that Indie Rock is but turns out to be bad Alternative Rock riffing and something that could be identified as Celtic Rock, a style out of fashion for more than 20 years now and even back then it was more considered to accompany alcoholic excess in Irish pubs or at small town youth festivities and not cool or in fashion at all.

Now a few questions came up which I need to be answered.

Who listens to stuff like that seriously - apart from the reason of being a curious cat in search for obscure stuff?
Is there a target audience?
Why do they send out CDs to cool places like Meine Kleinraumdisko and what the fuck do they expect from that as these places will obviously never play music like this?

I've never made up my mind on stuff like Christian Rock / Pop / Reggae although I know that these styles are existing somewhere in the world but I do wonder if that sounds as bad and fake like Somebhajans do and if the producers / band members or fans ever came across "real" music at all - like contemporary, popular music of now that's actually being played out in clubs and venues these days. Or if they think of what that stuff might sound like and try to emulate what they've never listened to? I am puzzled and somehow fascinated, guess there's time for doing some research on that issue. If anyone can provide some soundcloud or youtube links this help will be appreciated for sure. Plus: if there's anyone from India actually reading this - what about them lyrics being authentic?        


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