Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Brume - 7 Trumpets [Voluntary Whores 002 Promo]

Coming up next via the fresh Voluntary Whores imprint is Brumes new and limited to a small run of 60 copies tape album "7 Trumpets", a piece surely to be loved by all those digging deeply into the realms of Dark and Cold Ambient as well as Tense Apocalyptic Listening as this hour long tape release is dealing with the concept of a forthcoming apocalypse including a lot of cataclysms like asteroids falling down the sky and - which is the most funny aspect mentioned in the artwork - satan on show pretending to be Jesus. All of this is fit into a musical scaffolding built of pure sound experiments as well as Musique Concrete-related parts, field recorded voices. deep but threatening drones and abandoned, metallic screeching here and there. Is this what the world sounds like after darkness succeeded?


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