Sunday, November 25, 2012

dmvssm / Sascha Müller [Pharmacom Records]

Fresh on the circuit as limited cassette tape edition of 27 copies world wide is the new dmvssm / Sascha Müller split release entitled "Katzentod / Katzencounter" which is dealing with the pain-inducing possibilities of ever evolving LoFi-Noize, general experimentalism and quirky modulating 8bit influences on the "Katzencounter"-side which is actually Sascha Müller & Manfred Reckers whilst the spooky "Katzencounter" steadily but hypnotically counts up to 500 dead cats in german language -  "Eine Katze tot... / Zwei Katzen tot..." etc. - on top of a dark and tense bass drone that's about to scare the hell out of wannabe Goth & Emo kids. One of the sickest and creepiest tracks released in 2012.


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