Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Sascha Müller - Acid Random 303 [Psychocandies]

Scheduled for February 15th via Sascha Müllers own Psychocandies-imprint is his latest full on Acid attack named "Acid Random 303", an album that's fifteen tracks strong and nothing but fueled to the max with spiralling 303 lines, sharp hi-hats and banging, sometimes even distorted underground drums that even manage to tear bomb shelters apart if played loud enough. Especially the track named "Travelsequence" is nothing short of a Rave banger with great, hoovering Techno stabs, drumrolls and powerful claps building up maximum energy in huge warehouse spaces or abandoned factories - I literally see the lights turn down in the mid track break before all lasers and fog machines are in full effect again. And this is by far not the only great tune to be found on this one - make sure to check out the psychedelic "Acid Test" with its tinny snares, the deep and 'troity "Mental Organ" or the Trance-inducing distortion stormer named "Bone Dancer" that's one for the late night posse. Get.


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