Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sascha Müller - Sun Moon Stars [Pharmacom Records]

Already on the circuit since December 21st is Sascha Müllers new trilogy named "Sun Moon Stars", an opus magnum limited to 25 copys which is - as one might already have guessed from the release date - dealing with the mayan prophecy of the apocalypse to come. Although proved wrong now this ancient science and knowledge is still worth being discussed musically, especially when done so by a jack and master of all trades like Mr. Müller. "Sun Moon Stars" all turn out to be one single track of approximately 60 minutes playtime each, starting out with "Sun" - a warm, embracing and well hypnotic Deep Listening piece in between Ambient and Drone, living by repeating church bell-like pulses and low frequency waves. Listening to this track one starts to lose track of time and space and is sucked in to what's to be called the most minimalistic Armchair Techno ever... subtracting the Techno aspects by any means. According to the second CDr the "Moon" is a more harsh and not that friendly environment as the "Sun" as the steady bass pulses sound quite decayed from scattered, unattenuated radiation that hits the surface unfiltered and with maximum effect. So does the "Moon" track here as its low frequency waves are fluttering around a certain note in a quite sickening way that makes a non-stop journey through these 60 minutes hardly bearable for obvious reasons. Talking the "Stars" - they seem to be on a more ritual tip here, including looped didgeridoo tones and a deep, ruminant, long lasting meditation about the inner and outer realms of the universe provided by a spooky, meandering and supernatural hue accompanying the unique and individual sonic story told by the aboriginal instrument. And a great story that is which needs three full hours of intense listening to be fully embraced... and understood. Take that time and try to pick up one of those rare copies if still available.


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