Thursday, February 07, 2013

Steve Bug feat. Foremost Poets - No Adjustments [Poker Flat Recordings 136]

Scheduled for mid month via Poker Flat Recordings is the next single taken off Steve Bugs recent album "Noir" which is the uber-massive "No Adjustments". Being one of the albums strongest tracks and an undoubted anthem in its own right the tune has been slightly re-shaped by its producer on the A-side for even more chicago'esque dancefloor pressure that's nothing less but on point. On the flipside we'll find Alex Niggemann and Arttu on remix duties - the first one emphasizing on the thrilling bassline figure, quite raw, oldskool-reminiscing drumworks and unprocessed claps whilst nervous cowbells and minimal but still epic strings cause dancefloor mayhem. On the other hand there's Arttu providing a psyched-out wild pitch feel for illegal basement gatherings with nothing more but concrete, flashing strobe lights and bodies soaking wet, dancing, jacking and being completely out of control.  There's nothing not to love in this 12". Fully recommended.


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