Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tocotronic - Ich Will Für Dich Nüchtern Bleiben [Audiolith Promo]

This is massive. Hamburg's own Indie heroes Tocotronic - one of these bands for which the genre term Hamburger Schule was coined ages ago - are unleashing the second single taken off their new album "Wie Wir Leben Wollen" via Audiolith , a double A-side 7" featuring two reworks by the uber-bands Egotronic and Frittenbude. Whilst "Ich Will Für Dich Nüchtern Bleiben (Egotronic Wirklich Nüchtern Mix)" stays quite close to the innocent IndiePop feel of the original and adds only a few more elctronic bits here and there we see Frittenbude's "Abschaffen (Dandyrevolution - Frittenbude Remix)" rockin' the joint on top of super intense, heavily stuttering beats and alert bass fused with what's maybe the most oppressive and abstract lyrical work the band came up with throughout their skyrocketing career so far. A musical rampage, a 'marish soundtrack for dreams you wish you never ever dreamed. Running through wastelands with this one blasting thorugh your headphones is able to induce paranoia for sure. Killer!     


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