Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 005]

Once again Sascha Müller comes up with a new and untitled album that's released via his very own Supersix-imprint and with his massive output - quality- and numberwise - it has been a logical step for him to deal with the immense amount of tracks on self-run platforms only as there seems to be no label out there that is able to handle so many tracks with a broad style range properly. With the first tracks on this one Mr. Müller seems to focus on more Downtempo-related realms of acidic ElectroPhonk - with "Shibu" as most excellent example that could be imagined to be included on legendary compilations like the first issues of "Future Sounds Of Jazz" - or deep and pure Electro workouts that are skeletal but still serving the very essence of what Electro is about like dry 808 beats, dreamy melodies and a sterile but heartwarming feel for advanced dancefloors. As the album progresses we'll also find deep, 'troity Acid pieces and more pushy 303 workouts for late night affairs as well as trademark primetime fillers and - a bit of a surprise that is - perfectly crafted ElectroJungle affairs that are nothing but well thrilling. Another musical masterpiece - no fillers in here.


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