Thursday, June 06, 2013

Joney - Illowhead [Audiolith Promo]

Audiolith goes heavy bass with the release of Joney's "Illowhead" EP which is - obviously - the first bass induced 12" release on the label which tends to open up towards proper electronic club music these days. And high octane bass assaults for advanced dancefloors is what you get here. Embracing influences from ultra low end Dubstep, Trap, UK Funky, Juke and HipHop Joney distills a unique, musical language that - if blasted through a P.A. capable of depicting all sorts of b-a-s-s properly - transforms crowds into dangerously heaving accumulations of human bodies levitating one or two feet above the ground. Totally forget all stories about the horns of Jericho - if you wanna break down walls just crank up the volume on your home stereo when "Illowhead" is on... and I bet all Car Audio Bass producers out there have to rethink their future production techniques after listening to tunes like "Fuck Em Up" or "Love Is Like An Ocean". Good one.


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