Friday, January 31, 2014

Wyoming - Fountain [AdP Records Promo]

One of the newer- and surely remarkable - findings in the wide fields of more intimate Indie is the first ever longplay release of a young three piece band named Wyoming which was put on the circuit via AdP Records last fall. "Fountain", as the name of the ten song piece is, breathes a bit of a shoegazing attitude and combines this discreet feel with a thing for decent, Jazz-informed drumming and a recognisable love for AfroFunk-influenced structures which have gained popularity through bands like Sinkane or the - also AdP-released - outfit The Eclectic Moniker throughout the last year. This rare but well crafted musical vision plus the fact that these three youngsters are not only able to serve a nice stage performance but turned out to be extremely neat fellas after their recent Hamburg show and whilst meeting them again throughout their soundcheck at Berlin's Privatclub makes them highly recommendable and so do these three videos, perfectly showcasing what Wyoming are all about. Check 'em out whenever you'll find them playing a stage near you.

Wyoming - Afterword (Official Video) from Wyoming on Vimeo.

Wyoming - Man/Machine from Wyoming on Vimeo.


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