Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Freddy The Dyke - Freddy The Dyke [Skussmaal 002 Promo]

Actually it's not the hardest of all guesses that promos flying in from Norway that do include guitars of any kind might not be soft spoken and tender in their overall attitude. And checking out the first full length album - well, 30 minutes... - of the Stavanger-based duo Freddy The Dyke proves this right for a reason. Released via Skussmaal the six tracks provided here tell stories of anger and raw, unprocessed energy, a mayhem of machine gun firing guitars with a suprisingly funky feel reminiscing of better Crossover-days, violent drum stampedes and Hardcore-schooled vocals that might be more suitably referred to as screamals as well as some PostPunk-influences ravaging like a hurricane. With the exception of the ritualistic, haunting and Drone-leaning Voodoo Experimentalism of "Roto" that will be loved by fans of the German Advanced JazzCore / UltraFunk outfit Dÿse, all songs are set straight to unleash immediate chaos whereever blasted from a huge P.A. and to set folks dressed in black in motion. Listen to "Sandi Yama" and feel surprised by the electrifying powers of the dark side. Heavy! And also recommended to all those still in love with the legendary project Flugschädel.


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