Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Soley - Kromantik [Morr Music 130 Promo]

With eight tracks and a total playtime of less than 17 minutes "Kromantik" is not what you'd call a second album crafted by the Icelandic artist Soley Stefansdottir a.k.a. Soley after her also Morr Music-released solo debut "We Sink" in 2011. Rather than that "Kromantik" caters a collection of tiny, partly dark'ish or melancholia-driven, always tender and intimate Piano compositions and also improvisations with reverberant notes and a moldy but well versant feel, like one is entering his or hers grandma's long time closed and dusty attic as an adult again, a place one spent hours and hours playing in as a child but that went out of focus in teenage years for a reason. Things feel distant but still familiar after all the years gone by, a bit of nostalgia strikes in a way that also might occur throughout watching old silent movies and one - suddenly - feels at home again. And so one does whilst listening to "Kromantik" which is surely recommended for on-repeat listening sessions in front of an open fire. A lovely bit.


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