Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Israel-based Band Named 'A Cat' Obviously Can't Internet

Although we've stated clearly in our contact section that we're totally annoyed by bulk emails and newsletter spam plus that we're not interested in any kind of digital promo files this email from the Israel-based band A Cat just appeared in our postbox only recently.

Hey! We’re ‘A Cat’, Digi-Rock-Afro-Disco band based in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

VIDEO TIME! - Inside Out - LINK 
You can listen to the audio-only version on our Soundcloud.

Our new single, “Inside Out” expresses our appreciation to modern dance music and traditional west-african beats, wrapped in a the unique cooperation of the two video artists -  Shahar Levy (cut out animation) and Vadim MEchona (photography). You can download the song in WAV, or MP3. 

Please take notice that the song will be available for purchase on itunes, so these links are for your personal use only.

‘A Cat’ is composed of four unique musicians and electronic-craftsmen creating spacey tunes and based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

‘Disconnect’, our last single, is a dark wedding between grunge, and minimal techno - LINK

Hope you had fun listening, would like to hear from you if you did!

Scratches and purrs,
A Cat

Getting these kind of email junk is annoying for a reason and it should be pretty clear that we haven't been listening to any of their music but it's even more annoying if the mail is sent out as open CC bulk email to 161 people including label managers of Mad Decent and journos / bloggers from all over the place including We Are The Mascotte, Pitchfork, Nothing But Hope And Passion, The Guardian etc..
We reckon that these might be not so amused about the fact that their private contacts are now scattered all over the place and will be flooded with even more bulk mail in future times but mustn't it be pretty embarrassing for the band that all these people now are aware of the fact that the bands promo guy is too inapt to use email properly? So if that goes so terribly wrong it might give an idea about their use of musical instruments... 

But we'll take our time to go even deeper into a few remarkable details in this mailout.

Hey! We’re ‘A Cat’, Digi-Rock-Afro-Disco band based in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Well, there's nothing wrong with being from Israel but it doesn't make you special at all. You're a band begging for an editors attention and referring to your provenance in the very first line does imply that there's nothing interesting to say about the band at all but "Hey, we're from Israel". You're stealing our time anyway so there's no heads up for that.
Plus: Digi-Rock-Afro-Disco. Seriously? Sounds like a kind of weird artsy fusion that takes influences from everywhere but doesn't go anywhere. And besides that does it seem to be a pretty clever idea to send this kind of music to a website that's mostly focusing on electronic music anyway? There've been exceptions and we've been writing about the likes of Sinkane and others but it's pretty obvious that you haven't been checking our website properly but just sent this email out into the blue to every email adress you could get hold of.  

VIDEO TIME! - Inside Out - LINK
You can listen to the audio-only version on our Soundcloud

There are a million music videos out there every day so having one is not a big deal. Soundcloud isn't that special either, especially if you don't link to your profile at this very point. And what about the mysterious Inside Out - a title or a description of the videos mood? You don't know but the mystery is solved later.

‘Disconnect’, our last single, is a dark wedding between grunge, and minimal techno - LINK

Uh, nice. More weird fusion music that might sound totally different to what the new single is about. Have you ever thought about how your possible fanbase - if you have any fans at all - might handle these rapid change?. Yes, life's a box of cookies they say and you'll never know what's the one you get next but fans expect things they can relate to, short: continuity. If you serve Indie today, Techno tomorrow and Opera in three months you're only making sure that you will lose more fans than you'll gain through your eclectic diversity.

Scratches and purrs...

Again. "Scratches and purrs..." Really? Is this like "welcome to the world of rainbow-pooping ponies" or do you want ppl to take you and your art seriously?

Hey guys, sorry for using Cc, our mistake. We know its pretty annoying, and we'll make sure it won't happen again. TO CONTACT US PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MAIL, send a message directly to EMAIL

After several complaints about sending the email as open CC to all of these people instead of using the BCC for bulk mail the band came back with another email that was meant as an apology but - again! - was sent out as open CC to all adressees although they "... know its pretty annoying, and we'll make sure it won't happen again" which has been the biggest #wtf moment of last weeks internet at all.  


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