Friday, October 03, 2014

baze.djunkiii Charts 10/2014

01. ø - Syväys [Sähkö Recordings]
Partly a re-release this great Sähkö 12" once again proves that quality electronic music never grows old or out of fashion - no matter if tunes are new or, like here, produced long time ago throughout the period of 1995 to 1997. With the two tracks featured on the A-side - "Olematon" and "Uponnut" -, both of them already released on his "Atomit EP" back in 1995, Mika Vainio a.k.a. ø explores the realm of hypnotic, skeletal and ultraminimalist Electro as well as drone-heavy, reduced Electronica providing as much warmth and cosiness as a trip to outer space - without a space-suit. Flipping the 12" we'll find the formerly unreleased title track going even deeper in to the field of reduction and serving an epic trip of Glockenspiel and Sinewave Ambient built on single notes being slightly modulated before slowly fading away into abyssal silence. Deep.

02. Kalipo - Yaruto [Antime 010 Promo]
See review for details....

03. Dopplereffekt / Objekt - Hypnagogia [Leisure System Records 012]
I've always been a sucker for proper Electro and this one is one of the genres best 12"es I've come across in a while. Dopplereffekt's "Delta Wave" combines sharp, futuristic sound design with cold'ish, but still yearning and melancholia-touched string arrangements whilst Objekt's "Ganzfeld" speeds things up and delivers a subaquatic Detroit-reminiscing feel, string crescendoes and advanced rhythmic bleep wizzardry - a track well recommendable to lovers of DJ Stingray's unique musical vision.

04. Nu Yorican Soul - The Nervous Track [Nervous Records]

One of my favorite House tracks ever and an early 1993 prequel of what was to become known as Broken House later is now finally repressed. A good reason to pay respect to Nu Yorican Soul more than 20 years later for producing what I personally regard as one of the main House music masterpieces in the genres history.

05. Shapes 12:01 - Compiled by Robert Luis [Tru Thoughts]
This twelve track double vinyl has been released quite a while ago but still is a great overview on the vast variety of styles released via Tru Thoughts Recordings lately. From the deepest NeoSoul served by Nostalgia 77's "Sleepwalker" to positive House meets SynthFunk amalgamations to be found in Anchorsong's "Darkrum" via the uberly anthemic Dope Jazz ballad "Heroine" created by Freddie Cruger And Anthony Mills Are Wildcookie, a song stuck in my head not only for a great, seductive melody but also for dealing with the topic of heroine abuse amongst Jazz musicians throughout the genres heydays, there's nothing but quality to be found on this compilation album. More recommended tunes are created by the likes of Yannah Valdevit who seems to apply for providing the title song for a James Bond-movie to come with her epic "Gotta Keep Me Goin'", Zed Bias feat. Jenna G who are riding proper UK Garage vibes on "Fairplay (Zed Bias Oldskool Mix)",  Riz MC spitting his haunted rhymes in "All Of You" over beats reworked by Drum'n'Bass-ambassador dBridge and many more.  Proper collection.

06. Trennlinie Zwischen Gesten 3 [Trennlinie Zwischen Gesten]
Actually not a specific release in its original sense but a limited to ten -!!! - copies worldwide preview CDr given out to writers, bloggers and contributors that came alongside the recent issue of the Trennline Zwischen Gesten art- /dada-zine featuring a selection of tracks that will be released as a limited to 15 copies tape available via bandcamp only. Featuring a wide range of sounds from scripted field recordings, positive Rhythm Industrial, quirky electronics, Tekno and Dark Ambient provided by the likes of Kackegeruch, KENNEL KONTROL, Low Entropy, emptycuthere, aehm, Denny Engler, Kannee and Electronic Plaktime Pounder this one is not only a fine and super rare collectors item but also a view into the deepest vaults of the German electronic music underground of artists that only very view people might ever have heard of. Sweet.

07. Alojz Bouda - Synthesizer Sound [Opus]
This is one of these albums only true vinyl lovers might ever come across by chance - and so did I while being on a short bargain hunt at a Hamburg flea market lately. Originally purchased  for it's obscure cover only it turns out that Alojz Bouda seemed to be a true pioneer of the Slovakian synthesizer scene of the 70's and 80's , playing mostly, slightly cheesy, cover songs on instruments like the Yamaha CS 80, ARP 2600, Hohner D 6 and others used for quirky versions of "Singin' In The Rain" or "Yes, Sir, I Can Boogie" that were recorded on multitrack tapes but also creating compositions of his own like the strangely Cosmic and rhythmically clunky "Fish Eye" or the ecstatic "Focus" which are both featured on "Synthesizer Sound" alongside another self-composed piece named "Random" that is sporting loads of sci-fi bleeps and other formerly futuristic sounds for those who know. An interesting find for sure which seems to have been quite popular in Slovakia as it has been released in 1980 originally and repressed in 1981, 1982 and 1986.

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