Friday, March 06, 2015

27. / 28.03.2015 Poemes Electroniques - The Bird's Eye View @ Museum Of Contemporary Art Of Georgia / Atlanta, USA

POÈMES ÉLECTRONIQUES is an audiovisual performance inspired by “Poème Électronique,” a piece by Le Corbusier, E. Varèse, and Xenakis that was presented in the Philips Pavilion at the 1958 World Fair in Brussels. It was globally recognized as one of the first multimedia installations.

Like the original, POÈMES ÉLECTRONIQUES takes us into a space where dreams and reality merge and the limits of the possible expand. Le Corbusier’s “Aircraft,” which traces the evolution of aviation and its development during the war, offers a perfect allegory: “The bird’s eye view”

POÈMES ÉLECTRONIQUES gives an overview of over a century and a half of writings influenced by war.Nineteenth-century poets Rimbaud and Victor Hugo cross paths with French and German Dadaists and Surrealists. We also hear voices from Africa and North America with the letters of World War II soldiers, an interview with a former drone operator, and the contemporary poetry of Gulf War vet Seth Brady Tucker. Through these multiple perspectives, the French and English languages echo each other, shedding light on the evolution of the representation of the soldier and war over the past three centuries.

This live audiovisual performance is an hour-long fusion of voice, sound, and images. During the course of the performance, video stills compose and recompose the space and environment in real time, much like a live painting taking shape and bringing to life the walls that surround the audience. Images evolve and transform to the rhythm of the crackling vinyl records, the sound of electronic machines, and the reverberation of an actor’s voice, oscillating between experimental chaos and operatic virtuosity.

This immersive electronic live performance aims to awaken the senses, offering a singular opportunity to discover, hear, or hear again the words of these authors whose voices resonate so strongly still today.

Director: Christof Veillon
Conception: Mr Fleury & Christof Veillon
Sound Architecture / Design: Mr Fleury
Performer: Christof Veillon
Vinyl Dj/Sound Design: baze.djunkiii
Visual Design: Uli Sigg Stage
Manager: Anna Richardson
Production Coordinator / Press Contact: Alina Opreanu

75 Bennett Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30309

Suggested Donation $15
Complimentary Drinks at 7pm
Show starts at 8pm
Courtesy Valet Parking
Presented in partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, the Atlanta Francophonie Festival, and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States.

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