Saturday, April 18, 2015

Slow Steve - Steps [Morr Music 134 Promo]

Finally scheduled for May 15th via Morr Music is "Small Steps", the six-track debut EP by Berlin-based Indie/ Indietronica artist Slow Steve who is reaching out to his fans to be with a nice, yet sunny but introvert fusion of blurry melancholia, unedited, lo-fi vocal recordings and immanent, dreamy Pop flavours for late summer nights. Sometimes leaning more towards electronic structures and a straight 4/4 bassdrum like in the playful "Sun Moon", on the other hand creating deep, string-loaden and atmospheric Pop-hits from outer space from just two lines of lyrics that seem to be on repeat over and over again without getting old or boring  - see: "Prince De Combat" - whilst the super kitschy "Vostok" even seems to touch Easy Listening- and Soft Porn Score-spheres but manages to avoid the cliche through the use of vocodered vox. With the instrumental cut "Break My Soul" Slow Steve explores the beauty of tender melodies and heavy distortion, before the final - and quite seductive -  "Aquabed" puts the listener to sleep, provoking pretty erotic dreams due to its narrative baritone vocals. A debut quite diverse - to be loved by Slow Steve's female audience for sure.


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