Thursday, April 09, 2015

Various Artists - Bundesliedermacherwettbewerb Des Gesundheitsministeriums In Hessen 2013 "Ein Blumenstrauß Voller Möglichkeiten" [Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse 009 Promo]

Released on April 1st, 2015 as 009 of the louche imprint Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse is their new Various Artists compilation "Bundesliedermacherwettbewerb Des Gesundheitsministeriums In Hessen 2013 "Ein Blumenstrauß Voller Möglichkeiten"" which, speaking in terms of Psychedelia and total weirdness, absolutely lives up to its very release date. This super obscure tape release of approx. 30 minutes runtime features a bunch of fourteen songs by artists as unknown as made up like Hans-Joachim Hündgen, Denise Fenker, Feehold Weykens and other non-Ingenious Dillettantes bringing in mostly instrumental lower-fi servings of musical creativity in styles likes tripping Psychedelia with a late 60s touch, German (No)Wave meets Psychobilly Fusion, Piano freestyle, warped wannabe horror flic scores - see especially Stephanie Lara Voss' "Der Unangenehme Geist Aus Hathenfurth An Der Loh" for this description -, elaborate electric organ freestyles on preset rhythms, quirky but tender Post-Industrial meets Easy Listening-Romanticisms, thundering Synth freestyles and even Cartoon-style SchweineRock mixed with unbearably awful sounding 4/4  nobass-drums. Furthermore we'll find clunky CosmoPhonk with loads of reverb action as well as Rave-stabs and Loonie Tunes tripping on... whatever when it comes to Denise Fenker's "Männer Sind Wie Kokusnuss Knackt Man Sie Kommt Milch". There's no way that these artists are legit. Nor is this the result of song contest sponsored by any institution associated with the German government. But it's funny as hell.


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