Thursday, October 08, 2015

Magnus Reimer - Tidal Lock [Skrapnoise 002 Promo]

Coming in from Sweden only a few days ago was "Tidal Lock", the latest album output by Magnus Reimer which has been in the making over the course of the past five years and now been released via the Skrapnoise-imprint on September 23rd, 2k15. The 14-track album piece spanning approximately an hour of total play time is clearly a balky take on songs and song structures meandering somewhat in between Indie and dark'ish, more Electronic Pop sporting complex melodic structures and convoluted, yet corresponding instrumentation with an epic, in parts even Glam-reminiscing twist which can be found in songs like "Vakna" or "It Turns Out" whilst tunes like "Jupiter" do flirt with Advanced SynthPop for progressive, melancholia-induced dancefloors and "Caught" brings in an eccentric, fascinating interpretation of 80s Rock that seems to be simultaneously raw but unruffled. With "Världen" Mr. Magnus Reimer even caters his Swedish fans with a ballad sung in his native language which is - in terms of music - rarely heard outside of Sweden itself, "Hell, When Loves Comes" opens with looping pianos and unfolds the most dramatic and intense atmosphere one is about to find on this album and the "Grand Finale", ironically being the second to last song, is an introvert, yet fascinating and crystal clear effort that defo needs to be implemented in a widescreen, large budget movie for soundtrack reasons - simply cinematic, this is. But still - if you're into music easily accessible and of an uplifting, sing-a-long kind "Tidal Lock" will defo not deliver to your needs but if you're familiar and in love with groups like Eyeless In Gaza and the likes of "Tidal Lock" most likely might be a nice and checkworthy addition to your collection for sure.

Btw - baze.djunkiii has unboxed this album on video for all of you:


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