Friday, October 02, 2015

Waschmaschinenfest 2k15 [LIMBS 002 Promo]

A year has passed since the last, and first, release on the underground tape label LIMBS which is coming back with the another edition of their "Waschmaschinenfest"-compilation series these days. Once again - as the title might suggest - this limited cassette tape is dedicated to the sound of washers at work, both raw, field recorded and unprocessed which at some point reminisces to the sound of turbines as well being embedded into hot percussive structures with a Latin-twist, transformed into cold, futuristic Death Ambient or hyper-functional, pounding Techno reminiscent of Oliver Ho's productions on labels like his very own Meta Recordings. Furthermore we'll find excursions into the field of Rhythm Industrial with a cinematic touch, sporting beautiful backward strings and a strange, unsettling calmness, dark technoid minimalisms, nerve-wrecking Noize and masterly crafted pitch black Electronica / slowcore Electro for those whose know. We do know and for those who need some namedropping we've got some - artists involved include underground acts like Lachpillenonkel, Xotox, Denny Engler, Indesit wil 143, Grindmaster Flesh and more.


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