Sunday, November 29, 2015

Buffalo Brothers - Fresh From The Horn [Buffalo Brothers Records 001]

So here we go, getting down with the true Funk. The Manchester-based outfit Buffalo Brothers which emerged from a conjunctional joined-forces gig of various musicians contributing to bands like Trio Valore or The Guillemots taking place in a local pub back in 2013 has recently launched their own record label with their full-on, Funk-fueled eleven song debut album put on the circuit on November 13th, 2k15. Keepin' things on the instrumental side of the spectrum with the exception of the dancefloor filling "Mama's Comin'" we see the rat pack of artists including Paolo Fuschi, Simon Reynolds, Rachel Lasham, Justin Shearn and many others rockin' a nice, hot'n'raw Vintage Funk vibe for a fantabulous night out provided by the killer groove and well sample worthy interlude "It's Been  A While" or the party on fire going on at "Keppel's Basement" as well as going into the deeper, more classy Easy Listening mode with tunes like the sax-led "String Theory" or providing a good, clean and sexy swing with "Metric". This album is nothing but a top recommendation for all those funkadelic folks out there keeping it real since the early days of the genre. Nice one.


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