Sunday, November 22, 2015

Jacob Kirkegaard - Arc [Holotype Editions 004 Promo]

Released earlier this month on Holotype Editions is Jacob Kirkegaard's most recent album effort named "Arc", a re-edited variation on his 2014 soundtrack work commissioned for Carl Th. Dreyers 1928-released silent movie "The Passion Of Joan Of Arc" which, on this longplay piece, has been shaped into two pieces of heavenly droning ambience derived from and created out of contemporary music played throughout the lifetime of Joan Of  Arc - the period between 1412 to 1431 A.D.. Stretched, layered and reprocessed the music of "Arc I" resembles of chorals in a quiet, peaceful and angelic manner, yet remains shifting and refocussing all the time, presenting an endless interplay of lighter and slightly darker harmonies, inseparable like ebb and flood, harmonic as nature and still - especially in the final third of "Arc I" foretelling imminent turmoil and change. In "Arc II" Mr. Kirkegaard continues his journey in a similar vein but sets a slightly darker, more melancholia-inducing note which might be described as post-bloodshed dolefulness evolving into unresting, threatening layers of hissing noises, intense bass drones and siren'esque sounds betokening calamity and further uproar although the approx. 18 minutes piece finally comes to a calmer conclusion again. Defo, and even without the accompanying movie it was initially intended for, an interesting and worthwhile piece for all Ambient headz out there.


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