Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Mathias Delplanque - Drachen [Ici D'Ailleurs Promo]

Released in early December via the Nancy / France-based imprint Ici D'Ailleurs is Mathias Delplanque's latest album "Drachen" - which translates as the German word for 'Dragons'. On this eight track longplay piece the artist creates a meandering, arcane and occult sonic statement from a wide array of reprocessed instruments coming from all sides of the analogue, digital or even acoustic spectrum, incorporates elements of deep Post-PostRock ("Drachen Part 2 & 3"), drifts into the land of soft and friendly psychedelic dreams ("Drachen Part 5") or explores more contemplative realms populated by digitally altered, ritual gong tones like in "Drachen 6". Furthermore Mathias Delplanque is digging into fields of epic Ambient layers which are disturbed by randomly clanging, percussive sounds in "Drachen 7" whilst the concluding "Gandefabou" resembles a warped and filtered live improv session of several picked and plucked string instruments on top of electronically rendered textures. Deep.


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