Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Saroos - Tardis [Alien Transistor 045 Promo]

Soon to come via the great Alien Transistor-imprint is "Tardis" , the fresh and fourth album of the band triumvirate known as Saroos which have teamed up with producer Tadklimp for their latest, shimmering and chromatic longplay effort. Working with a producer from scratch instead of only having one involved for the final mixdown and arrangement is defo a new approach to the bands work flow and led to a rich, interweaving and well-melodious result that opens new spheres with the floating, psychedelic "Weaver's Cave" and intertwines warm, bass heavy electronics, modular sounds and a more PostRock-induced twist to a lively, yet hypnotic Indietronic piece surely able to move advanced dancefloors and simultaneously touch punters souls for a reason - and so does the epic "La Deesse" with its score'esque, Morricone-referencing qualities whilst we see "Lucky Bag" unfold in a deep, Ambient Trance-inducing way over swinging live drums. The title track "Tardis" comes across as a warm, organic and slightly crackling Electronica effort that embraces all listeners with an overwhelming amount of love and friendliness, "The Sandstone Readout" weighs in a quirky variation on Rumba'esque, electronic-based Easy Listening with a sweet hint of yearning melancholia and the "Orange Book" caters both fans of electronic Shoegaze as well those loving ethereal female background choirs. Furthermore we see "Clotho" fusing trembling modular sounds, ritualistic tribal drum arrangements, psychedelic guitar works and warm synth chords, "Seance" serves more of a dubby feel for slo-mo headbangers and lovers of twang guitars and the final tune entitled "Sleepy White" kinda resembles of a hot and lazy summer's afternoon just hanging out and enjoying all the goodness life brings. And talking joy - this is what a lot of people will find whilst listening to the "Tardis" for a reason.


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