Saturday, February 27, 2016

Owl Rave - "" [Interstellar Records 038 Promo]

Put on the circuit as 038 of the Austrian imprint Interstellar Records in the second half of December 2k15 was Owl Rave's cryptically titled debut album, a seven track piece that mainly draws inspiration from David Lynch's uber-classic "Twin Peaks" as stated in the release info. And we surely can see where they're coming from with this statement as the opener "Wellness At One Eye Jacks" provides a mysterious, super misty feel unfolding on a foundation of slow Downbeat whilst a lonely guitar is telling tales of melancholia and greyscale days in dark'ish forrests and the follow-up "Searching" is providing an ethereal, yet desperate Darkwave Blues mixed up with Morricone'esque influences from his Spaghetti Western-era and vampire-like vocals from the grave. In "A Knife For Every Heart" these haunting vocals are accompanied by droning guitar distorsions and Slo-Mo Metal for the headstrong, "In Sarah's Dream" the band explores unsettling Dark Ambient spheres and the "Fright Car" is best described as Occult Industrial with Spoken Words, horrific non-human screams and nerve-wrecking amounts of static Noize - a perfect score for a horror flic like "The Horribly Slow Murdered With An Extremely Inefficient Weapon". Furthermore "Amy" seems to live in the highlands of planet DarkJazz and the final tune "Find Me" surprisingly gravitates towards lively, complex DreamPop and spaced out harmonies for a better future. Quite a fascinating debut, this is. and it surely seems like the future is bright for Owl Rave and their fans.    


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