Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Phill Niblock - T H I R: Ten Hundred Inch Radii [Von Archives]

Going back to a few yet unreviewed promos which were found in our P.O. box in late 2k15 we're discussing the soundtrack for Phil Niblock's 1972-film "T H I R: Ten Hundred Inch Radii" today - a cinematic piece created off footage shot in several environments and their ten hundred inch a.k.a. sixteen feet surroundings. Put on the circuit via Von Archives we're exposed to a calming, yet tense arrangement of melodic analogue synth notes and droning, melancholic melodeons which - in opposite to the experimental films minute-long but regularly switching detail shots of nature, bugs, leaves, ice, flowing water etc. - perfectly work as only slightly changing, highly repetetive loops overturning the regular perception of time and, due to their whirring nature, reminding everyone that danger lurks in the wilderness, no matter how calm and peaceful a scenery seems to be at first glance. Still captivating after more than 40 years.    


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